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Personal Track Safety Program

With an ambitious goal of 15 minute all-day electrified rail service, Metrolinx is changing the way people move across the region. In the coming years, many construction, maintenance, and rail specialist companies will work together to achieve this transformative vision of our rail infrastructure. Metrolinx’ first priority is to ensure that the people who help bring this vision to life, do so safely.

With the increases to both the volume of service running on Metrolinx rail infrastructure and the increased number of construction activities happening on or around Metrolinx railways, a more robust method of training is required. All individuals working on our rail network must be trained in the hazards and risks of this environment before they begin work.

To help ensure the safety of everyone working on our rail network, Metrolinx has launched a comprehensive Personal Track Safety (PTS) program that will be required by all workers accessing the Metrolinx Right-of-Way (ROW).

Who needs to take the PTS program?

PTS is required by all workers working in the Right of Way.

Right or Way refers to the Metrolinx-owned and operated on subdivisions of railway, infrastructure, rail/maintenance/layover yards, and all property between property fences, or if no fence, everywhere within 15m from the outermost rail.

Metrolinx prequalified rail protection provider employees may choose to test-out of the course, please review and complete the form below if you meet these requirements.

PTS for Prequalified Flagging Providers

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What to expect?

The PTS program will consist of the following:

  • A pre-work package that will be completed with your registration package.
  • A one-day live streamed event. This event will be facilitated by rail industry experts who will share their knowledge and experience working in a railway environment.
  • A final assessment consisting of:
    • A post-work pack that will help you apply what has been learned.
    • A final test. This test will test your knowledge on all elements of the program.

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How do I register?

Your PTS Registration must be completed by 3 p.m. (1500) the Friday prior to the event. The registration process has two steps:

Step 1Review the pre-work material. This pack includes a series of slides that must be reviewed, as well as a Participant Guide for the day of the event. As part of the registration process, you will be asked a series of questions to validate that you have reviewed this material.

Step 2 — Select a preferred date and register. All registrations and pre-work exercise submissions are sent to PTS Registration to review and approve registration. From the list of session dates, click the link for your preferred date.

Please note: If you later wish to change your date, you will be required to select a new date and complete the registration process again. Metrolinx cannot move participants between event dates.

Links to registration dates, to be updated monthly.

August 2020:

September 2020:

October 2020:

Registration confirmation

After successful registration, you will receive a registration confirmation and a meeting invitation outlining event access and further course details.

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