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Looking for a Great Weekend Getaway? Just GO!

This summer, it’s time for a Great Niagara Weekend Getaway! And GO is ready—with great new promotional partners and complete travel packages that deliver you from your local GO station right to the edge of the Falls and all the fantastic attractions Niagara has to offer!

GO’s Great Niagara Weekend Getaways are all about the first and last mile! WEGO—the hop-on, hop-off bus service that travels throughout the city of Niagara Falls and Niagara Parks—will meet your train, ready to take you to spectacular restaurants and historic hotels, not to mention the incredible wonders of the Falls and ample attractions. And Metrolinx has partnered with Niagara Parks and Jim Pattison Entertainment Ltd (Ripley’s Niagara) to make sure you get great access at discount prices to some of the region’s best destinations. (Plus, thanks to GO’s three dedicated cars, you can even bring your bike!)

GO Transit and local transportation packages start at $25 for adults and $50 for groups (from Toronto Union Station). Click here to learn more about our Niagara Parks deal or Click here for our Ripley’s Niagara deal. Offer runs from June 23 to September 4.

We hope these Great Niagara Weekend Getaways represent just the first of many such partnerships, as we find new ways to make our guest experience as complete and enjoyable as possible.

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