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Coffee on the GO

What We’re Doing

We’re making GO Transit even more convenient for busy commuters by bringing Tim Hortons to a select number of GO stations as part of a year-long pilot project.

The new partnership between Kilmer Group and Metrolinx will provide GO Transit customers with quick, convenient food and drink options from Tim Hortons at four GO stations – Oakville, Clarkson, Ajax and Oshawa.

Why We’re Doing It

By making it easier to grab a cup of coffee on the GO, we’re creating better connections between our customers and transit, making it a more convenient and more attractive option for people in their everyday lives.


The pilot program is expected to start later this spring at Oakville GO Station, followed by Clarkson, Ajax, and Oshawa GO stations.

Project Status

The pilot program will run for one year. Depending on the success of the pilot project, Metrolinx may introduce additional locations at other GO stations, jointly chosen with our partner, Kilmer Group.

Quick Facts

  • Location: Oakville GO Station, followed by Clarkson, Ajax, and Oshawa GO stations
  • Timing: One year pilot project beginning Spring 2017
  • Funding source: Government of Ontario

We Want To Hear From You

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