More Choices for a Growing City

Hamilton has fast become a destination where more Canadians choose to live, work and play. This vibrant, growing community is rich with history, culture, sports and a booming restaurant scene. With more businesses and residents calling Hamilton their home every year, Metrolinx has created transit solutions that fit the needs of a burgeoning city.

We’ve doubled rush hour GO Train service for West Harbour Station, and GO Bus 12 began serving Confederation Station in November 2019. That means less rush to the rush hour.

As Hamilton expands and develops, Metrolinx will be right here with them, continuing to deliver more choices for GO Transit service across the board. It’s happening.

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West Harbour GO Station now has double the rush hour service. It is located at James Street North, between Murray Street West and Strachan Street East. The station features:

  • two platforms with elevator access
  • approximately 300 parking spaces
  • bus loop
  • pedestrian and bicycle pathways
  • pedestrian bridge from Bay Street
  • fully landscaped pedestrian plaza

Hamilton GO Centre is located at the corner of Hunter Street East & James Street. The station features:

  • an island platform with elevator access
  • bus platforms
  • bicycle storage
  • retail

Metrolinx is also building the new Confederation GO Station in Stoney Creek, which will enable two-way train service from Toronto through Hamilton and on to Niagara Falls.

Bus service was introduced on November 2, 2019 as the existing Park & Ride at Barton Street and Nash Road was moved into the Confederation Station bus loop.

As we determine the feasibility of applying a market-driven approach to delivering this station, we are also moving forward with the design and construction of a self-serve rail station.

In the meantime, we have given priority to getting more service to West Harbour, which is ready to receive more customers and is currently underutilized.

All proposed new station stops are subject to completion of a full business case analysis.