Stations & Projects:

Expected Completion: 2025

Let’s say you live in Unionville. Right now, you enjoy mid-day and evening service to and from Union Station. But you want more. You want frequent, two-way, all-day train service seven days a week. You don’t just want an option to commute. You want rapid transit. You want a train every 15 minutes. You want more than just options for going in and out of the city for work. You want options for doing the things you love, wherever they’re found in the region. We’re on it. We’re bringing you what you need with our Stouffville GO expansion.

No matter the time of day you want to get moving, you’re going to have options. Convenient service when you need it will help you live life to its fullest potential, no matter where it takes you.

We’re increasing the number of weekly train trips from 1,500 to about 6,000. That’s a lot more seats and a lot more options – and a lot fewer cars on the roads. With more residents using clean, quick transit, we’ll be doing our part for the planet and making life in the region better.

This line is your local launching pad into a region-wide network. Take that exciting new job in another city, make fun weekend plans, and visit family more conveniently – with this expansion along with connections to local transit like TTC and YRT/Viva, you’ll have opportunities like never before.
Stations & Projects:





15 minutes

to Unionville

All proposed new station stops are subject to completion of a full business case analysis.