A new subway to connect Toronto

Metrolinx and Infrastructure Ontario recognize a pressing need to develop a new transit line to alleviate congestion on existing lines while providing new connections for Toronto residents. The Ontario Line will run approximately 16 kilometres from Ontario Place/Exhibition through downtown Toronto, to the Ontario Science Centre.

Fifteen potential stations will provide you with more connections for better and easier rapid transit service. Seventeen connections will provide seamless access to GO Transit’s Lakeshore East/West and Stouffville lines, TTC’s Line 1 and 2 subways and direct connections to the Eglinton Crosstown. The Ontario Line has the potential to truly connect Toronto like never before.

The Ontario Line will deliver up to 40 trains per hour, as frequently as every 90 seconds, providing shorter wait times for customers and faster daily commutes. With quicker travel times and more options to move, you’ll have more time for life, family and things that bring you joy.

The completed line could provide relief and reduce crowding by 14% on the busiest stretch along TTC’s Line 1. Crowding will be reduced at numerous stations across the network including:

  • 17% less crowding at Bloor/Yonge Station
  • 15% less crowding at Eglinton Station
  • 13% less crowding at Union Station






daily boardings

Aspect Future
Number of proposed stations 15
Number of connections to other transit options 17
  • 3 GO lines
  • 4 connections to Line 1, 2 and Line 5 (Eglinton Crosstown)
  • 10 Connections to King, Queen and Gerrard streetcars
Approximate number of route kms 16km
Ridership 389,000 daily boardings
Service As frequent as every 90 seconds
Access to transit 154,000 more people within walking distance to transit
Access to jobs 53,000 more jobs accessible in 45 minutes or less for Toronto residents

Metrolinx and Infrastructure Ontario are working together to deliver the Ontario Line and released the Initial Business Case for the project in July 2019. Planning for the project continues, including due diligence work, further refining the design and engineering work and seeking environmental approvals.