Highway 401 and 409 Rail Tunnels Project

Metrolinx is constructing twin tunnels, less than three metres underneath Highways 401 and 409 – all without disrupting the 21 live traffic lanes directly above. Given it is one of the busiest sections of highway in North America, digging approximately 180 metres per tunnel is a unique challenge.

With major construction underway, communities are one step closer to more service along the Kitchener corridor.

The Highway 401 and 409 Rail Tunnels project is part of the GO Expansion program, which will transform the Kitchener line from a rush hour commuter service to a more convenient transit experience with frequent, two-way, all-day rail service.

As the region continues to grow, more trips along the Kitchener line will open up opportunities for those connecting to jobs, family and what matters most – helping them get to where they need to go better, faster, easier.

The 401 and 409 Tunnels will provide space for two additional tracks in the future and supports increased service to give communities additional options outside of their typical rush hour commitments.

Once complete, construction of two GO rail tunnels will also accommodate signaling and communications infrastructure.

Construction crews are using a variety of engineering techniques to get the job done. To get behind the scenes and a closer look at construction technology, view the progress stories below on the Metrolinx blog.