Exciting new public space. Beautiful public art.

Beautiful new public space

Metrolinx is helping build communities through its transit projects—and that means creating new public spaces that add to the vitality of the communities we serve.

The Davenport Diamond refers to the intersection where the Barrie GO corridor meets the CP rail tracks. It’s one of the busiest train intersections in North America. As Metrolinx connects our region with two-way all-day GO service, it means more trains will be passing through and we need a solution to this congestion problem.

Enter the Davenport Guideway & Greenway.

To solve the congestion problem, Metrolinx will build a raised Guideway for GO trains above the CP rail tracks. Underneath this raised Guideway, we’ve worked with the local community to create the Greenway: new public space that enhances the community experience and that will promote the area as a civic destination.

The Greenway will include:

  • Multi-use paths for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Outdoor workspaces with public WiFi
  • Play spaces for children and families
  • Beautiful pollinating gardens
  • Gathering spaces for the community
Exciting new public space. Beautiful public art.