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Reports & Public Information

GO Transit

GO Rail Corridor Construction Projects Audit Report

In September 2013, in response to allegations of overcharging by CN on select GO Transit projects, Metrolinx took immediate action. While we understand and recognize that the allegations are unproven, we take fiscal responsibility very seriously and ordered two audits – one on work completed by CN on GO Transit projects and the other on GO Transit’s Project Management controls with respect to rail corridor construction. The audit on the work completed by CN on select GO Transit projects is still underway.

Project Management is a discipline of continuous improvement; it is always subject to evolving methodologies, technologies and approaches being introduced or refined. The improvements recommended by Ernst & Young have been reviewed by GO Transit’s Management team and are being incorporated into the pre-existing improvement plan.

Read the report


Presentation to the City of Ottawa Transit Commission

Metrolinx and the City of Ottawa are delivering PRESTO, a convenient e-Fare system to OC Transpo transit customers. The implementation of this project is currently in the field trial phase. Please see the following presentations to the Transit Commission of the City of Ottawa.

June 20, 2012 presentation | August 24, 2012 presentation | November 21, 2012 presentation

Grant Thornton: Value for Money Report

Metrolinx has commissioned a report by the accounting and business advisory firm Grant Thornton to assess the value for money of the investment decisions made by Metrolinx for the expansion of the PRESTO e-fare system. This assessment is an evaluation of whether the proposed delivery approach will allow Metrolinx to realize maximum benefit with the resources available. This report concluded that Metrolinx was pursuing an appropriate course of action that had a low level of risk with costs that are comparable to similar e-fare systems throughout the world.

To view the complete report, please click here.

Coulter Osborne: Accenture Contract Review

Former Ontario Supreme Court Justice the Hon. Coulter A. Osborne was commissioned to review the contract with Accenture for the expansion of the PRESTO e-fare system. The report by Justice Osborne concluded that the original contract was awarded after a fair and competitive bidding process which was certified by a fairness advisor and that Accenture’s role in the expanding PRESTO project was outlined in the original contract. This report also indicated that a re-procurement out to market would likely cause delays and increased project costs.

To view the complete report, please click here.

Rapid Transit

The Rapid Transit Quarterly Status Report is completed every three months. The report provides information on the status of the Toronto light rail transit projects and the York Region bus rapid transit program (vivaNext). Information includes a program executive summary and an update from the Community Relations and Communications Team, as well as the status of each project is in terms of budget, vehicle procurement, alternative financing and procurement, design and construction.

Q1 Report – April to June 2014 | Q2 Report – July to September 2014

UP Express

Fare Structure

Metrolinx has released the fare structure for UP Express. The UP Express fare structure will benefit local residents, special groups like families, children, students, seniors, and those getting on and off at Bloor and Weston stations. To learn more about the fare structure, see below.

Fare Structure Policy Paper | Fare Fact Sheet