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The six-step recruitment process


Staff photoClick here if you’re looking for information about Bus Driver recruitment or Transit Safety Officer recruitment.


Step 1 – Resume/Application Submission

Metrolinx only accepts job applications online. In order to be considered for an advertised employment opportunity, you must submit your resume/application before the closing date.

Please check our current opportunities for a complete list of the positions that are available. Resumes received for advertised employment are considered for the specific opportunity being applied for. Applicants interested in more than one position must submit a separate resume for each position they are interested in.

Resumes are not retained on file for consideration for positions posted at a future date. Metrolinx only accepts resumes/applications for advertised employment opportunities.

Step 2 – Screening and Short Listing Candidates

All applications are screened on the basis of the qualifications outlined in the job advertisement. This screening includes a review of the applicant’s education, experience and skills. Applicants who best meet the requirements will be brought forward to the position’s hiring manager for skills testing and/or interview consideration.

Candidates selected will be contacted via telephone and scheduled for testing and/or an interview. Please note that only those candidates selected for testing and/or an interview will be contacted.

Step 3 – Testing/Interview

Candidates may be invited to take part in skills assessment testing. All testing assessments have been approved by Metrolinx Human Resources, and are specifically designed to evaluate each candidate’s job related proficiency.

Candidates may also be invited to one or more interviews. Metrolinx is an equal opportunity employer and interviews are conducted in a fair and consistent manner.

All candidates invited for an interview will also be asked to complete a Reference Consent Form.

Step 4 – Decision Making

The Hiring Manager and the Human Resources representative will meet to discuss interviews and assessment scores in order to identify the most suitable candidate(s).

Step 5 – References/Offer of Employment

All contacts must be professional references (i.e. people you have reported to directly). Personal references will not be accepted. Reference checks will only be conducted for candidates who are under serious consideration.

An offer of employment will be made to the successful candidate.

Step 6 – Welcome!

The successful candidate will meet with a representative from Human Resources to complete all the necessary paperwork. A photograph of the successful candidate will be taken for his/her Metrolinx identification card, and a departmental orientation session will be scheduled.