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As the regional transit authority for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA), Metrolinx is dedicated to making the services it provides fully accessible to people with disabilities. It also strives to set a good example as a leader in the area of accessibility for the entire transportation industry – both as an employer of choice and as a provider of transit services.

The Big Move, Metrolinx’s plan for transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA), addresses universal access as one of 10 key strategies.

In its activities, Metrolinx aims to provide the same level of service for all people in an integrated environment, to the greatest degree possible. Metrolinx, including its three operating divisions, GO Transit, Union Pearson Express (formerly ARL), and PRESTO, is committed to ensuring that services and activities are accessible to people with disabilities, well in advance of the regulatory deadline of 2025.

To this end, Metrolinx has adopted the following corporate accessibility policy statement:

“Metrolinx is committed to ensuring that its services and operations are accessible to all customers and to working with partners in the GTHA to plan, build and operate an integrated accessible transportation system. The organization will work diligently to remove existing, and avoid creating, barriers to universal access and will demonstrate leadership, consulting widely and incorporating best practices to enhance accessibility in its services.”

Every year, Metrolinx produces an Accessibility Plan (previously known as the Metrolinx/GO Accessibility Plan) which highlights completed and future accessibility projects.

Accessibility Plans

Accessibility Status Report – 2016: Word version
Accessibility Status Report – 2015: Word version
Accessibility Status Report – 2014: PDF version
Accessibility Status Report – 2013: HTML version / PDF version
Multi-year Accessibility Plan – December 2012: HTML version / PDF version
Accessibility Plan 2012: HTML version / PDF version
Accessibility Plan 2011-2012: HTML version / PDF version

To request a copy of any Metrolinx AODA compliance reports, please contact accessibility@metrolinx.com.